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TPH Apple iPad One-to-One Learning Programme

Transforming teaching and learning through technology

At Tunku Putra-HELP, we believe that digital literacy and digital citizenship play vital roles in a child’s ability to succeed in the future.

The Apple iPad One-to-One Learning Programme provides access to relevant tools and resources to help unleash the potential in every child and make the learning experience more authentic and engaging.

* Available for limited age groups

Unlock a 21st-century learning experience with Apple iPad

The Apple iPad helps us as a key tool to accomplish our school vision of developing the complete person.

Students participate in an iPad Bootcamp to learn the necessary skills required to maximise their learning opportunities with the iPad.

Students equipped with the digital literacy skills to think critically, behave safely, and participate responsibily in today’s highly digitalised world.

The International Society for Technology in Education standards will be embedded into our curriculum.

A programme that takes learning beyond the classroom

The trusted Apple iPad One-to-One Learning Programme is designed to inspire student creativity, collaboration and critical thinking. Our curriculum and chosen apps are underpinned by the eight strategies of Generative Learning:









Specially curated apps for discovery and learning

Each iPad comes equipped with pre-installed apps which are incredibly versatile and can be used across multiple year groups, subjects and curricula – in and out of the classroom.

and many more

Your questions answered

No. Students will only use the iPad when they are asked to do so by their teacher for a learning activity. Any time when the iPad is not being used, students will store their iPads in their bags or lockers.

All our teachers are trained to deliver our digital curriculum, and have received professional learning and development opportunities to utilise the iPad as a transformative teaching tool.

Students will be provided with alternative tasks which will involve resources that do not require technology.

Yes. Additional non-school related apps (such as gaming, chat or social media apps) installed on the devices are to be done so under parental discretion, but will not be permitted for use during school hours.

Yes. Students may be required to use their iPad at home for home learning tasks.

Yes. All iPads should be set up using Family Sharing through the Screen Time app. You will be able to set permissions on their devices, approve spending and downloading, and monitor how long the device is being used and what it is being used for.

No, iPads will be borne by the parents. TPH students are able to enjoy discounts if you purchase the iPads through our partner, Switch at the Spring. Just bring along your student ID card.

Apple iPad One-to-One Responsible Use Policy

We have a responsible use policy to guide the usage of technology in TPH and to ensure our students are being responsible users.

  • iPads are only used for learning purposes as directed by a teacher
  • Only school approved apps can be used on campus
  • Photos and videos are only allowed with permission of a teacher
  • Students will lose iPad privileges in any instance of inappropriate online behaviour

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