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Thank you for your effort in continuing to provide quality education despite the challenges

Yee Ling


Thanks so much for the good effort in bringing us closer together, even though social distance and isolation seem to keep us apart.

Abbie Lai


Thank you teachers for being the guiding light and for inspiring the students to do well in their studies.

Abdul Rahman Bin Salli


Good job well done during this pandemic. Keep it up and Stay strong!



Thanks for continuously delivering the best for our children

Yen Ling


Thank you so much for all the work that TPH has done and will do to make this ‘homeschooling’ experience as painless as possible.

Melanie Merickans-Hudson


Thank you for taking care of my daughter and teaching her new things. She loves the school.



It is with great pleasure and an honour to share our incredible experience with TPH. 2 years ago when I first stepped into the school’s admin office, I was so amazed and happied to be greeted by all smiling, energetic and cheerful staffs. They directed me to the PIC and this beautiful and very helpful lady showed and explained to me what they could offer for our kids. Without any hesitation, we decided to enrol our son immediately. ( ** As we are strongly believe - Enthusiasm is contagious)

The amazing part about this school is that they could draw his desire to stay focus, foster a passion to learn continuously, be creative, a clean learning environment, and teach three languages - BM, English and Chinese.

In addition, they have a profound team with expertise in various fields of studies, very dedicated and loving teachers, respectful towards kids’ feelings and emotions as well as their learning curve. During this pandemic, we could see all of them were putting on extra efforts with each activity and different curriculums.

Every morning, we were so happy and amazed to see our son so eager to get off from the car to be greeted by all the smiling, loving and caring teachers. It means a lot to us.

In conclusion, TPH is an excellent and extremely worthy of top consideration school of choice.

Asriel Anson Tay

K2 Mango

Ethan has been at Tunku Putra-Help (TPH) since Kindy 1. He is now in International Primary 5. When we started looking at schools, we decided on TPH as we felt that it provided the environment that we wanted for our son - a balance of academic, sports and extra-curricular activities. We also chose it as it had a good ratio of teacher and student in the classroom. In the 7 years that Ethan has been at TPH, he has grown to be independent, confident, and made many friends, especially the children who have been his classmates since Kindy.

The school’s extra-curricular activities have provided a positive impact on Ethan’s growth as a student there. He was elected by his classmates as Student Counsellor representative for his year (IP2 and IP3), which helped him understand the importance of working with his schoolmates and teachers to succeed academically and socially. He enjoyed being a Student Counsellor. Besides that, Ethan has participated in the school’s swimming competitions and also during the school’s Sports Day. In 2019, Ethan received the Academic Achievement Award for International Primary 3.

The school’s focus on the IPC Personal Values is an important part of learning for TPH students and we feel that this has been played a big part in Ethan’s learning journey at the school as it has helped him to develop in terms of character and attitude. The IPC Personal Values are Adaptable, Collaborator, Communicator, Empathetic, Ethnical, Resilient, Respectful and Thinker. Last year, the students took part in the Personal Value logos designed competition. Ethan was very happy that his logo for personal value Ethical was chosen as one of the winning designs for his year.

Overall, the school has taught Ethan to grow confident and independent not just academically but socially. We look forward to seeing him thrive during his time at TPH.

Ethan Madang Peter Law



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