Fees & Packages

We are excited to announce the Welcome Package to families in Kuching, along with our promise to deliver quality education and world-class facilities at our 5.9-acre purpose-built campus.

Architectural model of Tunku Putra-HELP campus at Tabuan Jaya.

2021 FEES

Kindergarten Fees 2021Per Year (RM)Per Instalment (RM)
Kindy 1 to 39,5803,193
National Curriculum Tuition Fees 2021 Published Rate Bursary Rate
Per Year (RM) Per Instalment (RM) Per Year (RM) Per Instalment (RM) 
National Primary 1 to 39,7003,2337,7602,587
National Primary 4 to 611,6103,8709,2903,097
Tingkatan 115,8705,29012,6954,232
Tingkatan 216,1705,39012,9354,312
Tingkatan 316,4605,48713,1704,390
Tingkatan 416,7505,58313,4004,467
Tingkatan 517,2005,73313,7604,587
Malaysian Students Non-Malaysian Students 
International Curriculum Tuition Fees 2020 Published Rate After 25% Founding Bursary Published Rate After Up to 20% Founding Bursary 
Per Year (RM)Per Instalment (RM)Per Year (RM)Per Instalment (RM)Per Year (RM)Per Instalment (RM)Per Year (RM)Per Instalment (RM)
International Primary
1 to 3 
International Primary
4 to 6 
Year 7 to 11 30,87010,29024,6958,23230,87010,29026,2408,747
Malaysian Students Non-Malaysian Students 
A-Level Tuition Fees 2021Published Rate Bursary RatePublished Rate Bursary Rate
Per Year (RM)Per Year (RM)Per Year (RM)Per Year (RM)
Year 12 & Year 13 (1 year 6 months)33,50026,80033,50028,475

*Scholarships are available. Please contact us for more information.

As a concession to parents, the Board has decided not to increase 2021 fees. Therefore, 2021 fees will remain the same as those for 2020.

Please note:
The above tuition fee does not include

  • Application Fee, Registration and Admission Fees, Security Deposit
  • School Uniform
  • Books
  • Meal Plan (optional)
  • Field trips
  • Certain specialized CCAs
  • Field Trips
  • Technology Fee
  • Resource Fee


Please contact our Admissions Advisor at
+6016-6780351 / enquiry@tphs.edu.my
for more information

Register as soon as possible to secure a place!

Our 600 current students look forward to welcoming you to the big family of Tunku Putra-HELP .