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    5 Year Fee Relief Package

    • Over RM50,000 of savings
    • Zero increase in fee structure for five years
    • Ongoing savings post-package

    To ease the financial impact of the pandemic on families in Sarawak, we’ve restructured our fees to help parents better plan for their children’s education over the next five years and beyond.

    Grab this amazing opportunity to join Tunku Putra-HELP’s long history of educational excellence while places are still available.

    About the Package

    Over RM50,000 of Savings

    Reduction in fee structure for all year levels from Kindy to Year 11/Tingkatan 5

    Fee Structure Freeze

    Zero increase in fee structure over five years (2023 - 2027)

    Post-Package Savings

    A capped fee increase of 5% on the promotional fee in 2027

    Kuching’s Top Campus

    Access tech-enabled classrooms, cutting edge labs, and world-class sporting & performing arts facilities

    Apple iPad 1:1 Learning Programme

    Enrich your child’s learning with Kuching's first digital literacy and safety programme

    Sought-After Educators & Curricula

    Unlock opportunities worldwide with our internationally trained teachers and personalised programmes

    Find out more about our exclusive 5-Year Fee Relief Package and fee structure.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    All current TPH students and anyone who registers by 30 September 2022, for enrolment in January 2023, is eligible for the package, subject to the availability of places. Those who register in the year 2023 will no longer be eligible.

    The fee structure will remain unchanged for 2023 to 2027 only for those who are officially on the school register on 31 December 2022. Please refer to Appendix 1 for the details of the fee structure and savings.

    It means starting from 2023 to 2027, your child will be paying fees using the fee structure listed in Appendix 1. This new fee structure has a significant bursary factored into the fee structure (an even better rate than what your child is currently enjoying); plus the benefit of having an unchanged fee structure for 5 years.

    This can potentially account for over RM50,000 savings per child for many students,
    depending on the year level and the section of the school enrolled.

    Any fee increase after 2027, will be capped at 5% per year, using the fee structure in the Relief Package as a base. Please note that by then, you would have made substantial fee
    savings from 2023 to 2027.

    E.g. My child joins TPH NP1 in 2023, paying RM6,900 under the 5-Year Fee Relief Package fee structure. In 2028, assuming there is a 5% increase in school fees, my child will pay RM8,190 in NP6, while other new students who join in 2028, will pay an estimated RM11,850.

    You can register for January 2024 intake by paying a non-refundable fee of RM 3,000 to ensure the place and package are reserved for your child. By doing so, you will still enjoy substantial savings from 2024 to 2027.

    The 5-year fee structure lock-in means that the yearly increase in the fees in most international schools will be waived for the next 5 years at TPH. The same fee structure we use for 2023 will remain the same until 2027.

    You will then only need to pay fees based on your child’s year level of this fee structure. It does not mean that you will be paying the same amount each year but the fee for that year level will be the fee based on the 5-Year Fee Relief Package Fee Structure.

    For example, if your child is in National Primary 1 in 2023, you will be paying RM6,900. When he/she moves to National Primary 4 in 2026, it will be RM7,800 based on the 5-Year Fee Relief Package Fee Structure. When he/she is in National Primary 6 in 2028, assuming there is a 5% increase in school fees, it will be RM8,190, while other new students who join in 2028, will pay an estimated RM11,850.

    No, this is because the fee in A-Level is already heavily subsidised. This Fee Relief Package is only available to students in K1 to Yr 11/Tk5. When a student progresses to Year 12 to study A-Level, he/she will be paying the published fee of A-Level with whichever bursaries that are available at that time.

    Yes you will. Please refer to the 5-Year Fee Relief Package for International Students.

    More details about the fee structure of the Relief Package (2023 – 2027) and savings can be found here:


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